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Holiday Special!  $99 for a month of unlimited fitness classes for new clients!   Now is your – or someone you care about – chance to check out everything we have to offer!  Make 2018 YOUR Year of Good Health!


Voted #1 Best New Business on the Shoreline 2017
Voted #1 Best Pilates Studio on the Shoreline 2017
Voted #1 Best Place to Study Yoga on the Shoreline 2017
Voted #2 Best Health / Fitness Center on the Shoreline 2017
Voted #2 Best Wellness Center on the Shoreline 2017 (behind our own Essex Wellness Center!)






Voted #1 Pilates Studio on the Shoreline 2017
Voted Top 3 Yoga Studio on the Shoreline 2017
Voted Top 3 Boutique Gym on the Shoreline 2017






“We built Fitness on the Water as a community to inspire individuals to feel their best by creating balance of mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach to improve overall wellness is the foundation of everything we offer,” explained Founder/Owner Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC. “Count on us to provide a schedule of motivating fitness classes, educational workshops and personal training to achieve individual health goals in a space that is comfortable, challenging & non-intimidating.”


Founded in Essex Village with breathtaking views of the Connecticut River, and now on Route 1 at Water’s Edge in Westbrook and Branford, Fitness on the Water is a private fitness studio offering a wide variety of classes taught by expert instructors in luxury studios.   It offers a unique experience of peace and privacy as you work toward improved strength and physical health. From boaters and beachgoers to busy moms and stressed college students, individuals find this a convenient place to get in a workout – and those who feel self-conscious about going to “a gym” often find this to be a welcoming and motivating environment.   Luxurious and private, Fitness on the Water offers specialized services accompanied by highly individualized expert attention.


…Hillary Kennedy is the Goddess of Barre Class – know that she has a CULT FOLLOWING. I LOVE her classes – (I am only one of her many devoted fans) – and Hillary is one of the ESSENTIAL reasons I succeeded in the Fitness Challenge. Hillary uses every second of her sixty minute class to work and stretch our muscles. She squeezes every bit of effort and strength from her participants – while keeping us safe and free from injury. That’s a very big deal. She is fun – and funny – and keeps a very strenuous class moving along nicely. Most importantly, she is an exceptional trainer. Her class is never the same, always super challenging, always working deeply into muscles long dormant. Hillary is completely vested in her participants, constantly correcting form, coaxing us to do better and to do more, ever vigilant. We leave Hillary’s Barre class exhausted, but exultant! Just call her “Goddess” for short…” – From “AS”


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