Care for the Caregivers – 2nd Workshop Date! FREE workshop Sunday November 8th!

If you are caring for an elderly parent as well as your own children, or juggling your professional life with care for a partner, elder, or friend, it probably doesn’t matter to you that there are millions of people in this country experiencing the same challenge. The feeling of isolation that most caregivers experience is very personal and often lonely.

As well-intentioned as it may be, “take time for yourself” is difficult advice to follow. Sharing her knowledge of positive psychology and neuroscience for change, Peggy Chappell, LCSW, offers simple steps that can help caregivers see the possibility of thriving, rather than surviving, in the caregiving role.

The free workshop, “Care for the Caregivers – Lessons from the Middle” will be held Sunday, November 8, 2015, 1:30pm-3:30pm pm at Essex Wellness Center’s Group Space, 8 Novelty Lane in Essex Village, CT. In this workshop, Peggy Chappell will share tips and tools drawn from her training in the science of well being as well as her personal journey as a caregiver for a parent.

“There is no neat little package that makes everything cozy. It’s about creating a space where it’s safe because the lonely ride of caregiving can bring fear, guilt, sadness or profound exhaustion. Even so, there can also be room for hope and strength,’ said Chappell. “It’s not about adding another thing to your ‘to do’ list. It’s about creating moments of calm and connection.”

Peggy Chappell, LCSW, presents workshop for caregivers Sept. 29

Peggy Chappell, LCSW, presents workshop for caregivers November 8th

Peggy Chappell, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years of experience as a clinician, educator, and coach. She has worked with children, families, and teachers at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Yale Child Study Center and as a school administrator at The Country School in Madison. She is trained in the field of positive psychology and the science of well-being.

YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE – To reserve a space for the free workshop call 860-767-7770 or visit and sign up on line by clicking the Registration link!