Fitness on the Water at Water’s Edge, 1587 Boston Post Road in Westbrook – celebrates a grand opening  and World Pilates Day with a variety of free classes Saturday, May 6 from 7am – 12 noon.

Refreshments, door prizes and tours are also part of the day’s events, along with demonstrations and opportunities to experience Pilates, which is a body conditioning system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, mental awareness and overall wellness. It is recognized as an effective cross training program for professional athletes, for physical rehabilitation for injury recovery, and its popularity is growing among an aging population focused on low-impact overall fitness. Pilates tones, lengthens and strengthens muscles throughout the body, with particular emphasis on the core or “powerhouse.”

“Wellness is a lifestyle. We built Fitness on the Water as a community to inspire individuals to feel their best by creating balance of mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach to improve overall wellness is the foundation of everything we offer,” explained Founder/Owner Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC. “Count on us to provide a never-ending schedule of motivating fitness classes, educational workshops and personal training to achieve individual health goals in a space that is comforting, challenging and non-intimidating.”

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Pilates for Golfers is Here!

Tiger Woods does it! Annika Sorenstam does it! Rich Beem does it! Many of the professional golfers on the PGA Tour are using Pilates to improve their bodies and their games! Golfers of all levels find that consistent Pilates practice quickly improves their performance and reduces pain and injury.

Golf requires flexibility, control and force. The actual swing is a complex, coordinated movement pattern that requires muscular
symmetry only achieved through diagnoses of an individual’s muscular imbalances. It’s a delicate balance of control, concentration and freedom of movement. The most common sites for injury among golfers are the lower back, elbows, shoulders, hands and wrists.

Pilates for Golf will:

• Strengthen back muscles evenly for a smoother and more powerful swing.
• Increase shoulder range of motion to improve backswing and follow-through.
• Increase hip and torso strength and flexibility for greater distance and power.
• Increase overall flexibility, strength, balance and timing.
• Enhance concentration through focused breathing.
• Decrease fatigue.
• Allow you to play pain-free!

Join Peak Pilates Certified Instructor Jenn Konin for a 4 week intensive to improve the golfer’s body! Correct asymmetries, improve mental focus, core strength, flexibility, rotation, hip stability and so much more! Experience a better version of yourself both on and off the tee, fairway and green.

When: Monday’s and Thursday’s 7:00-8:00 pm 4/17/17 – 5/11/17

Where: The Pilates Studio at Fitness on the Water, Westbrook 1587 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook (The Shops at Water’s Edge)

Cost: $139 4 week session (8 classes)

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