Hillary Kennedy

Barefoot Bands (TM), Barre, Pilates

Hillary Kennedy is a classically trained Pilates Instructor, she has been teaching Pilates in various studios throughout the CT Shoreline for the past 8 years. Her training is through Power Pilates in New York City, and Boston Body Pilates in Boston Mass. She has tremendous experience in multiple genres of dance, and has, until recently taught ballet to children at New Haven Ballet. She also holds certifications in Barre from Boston Body Pilates.

Hillary brings her love of dance and commitment to Pilates into the choreography of all her mat classes. The focus in class is breath, precision, centering, and flow. Exercises move easily from one to the next with a strong focus on breath and technique. Modifications are always offered and often encouraged, props are often used for a more thorough conditioning. Hillary is dedicated to the teachings and philosophies of Joe Pilates and always brings a sense of humor to the mat.

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