Joanne Platanos

Barefoot Bands (TM), Barre
Joanne is a Booty Barre Plus instructor – a worldwide barre technique. She started as a student practicing barre in 2011 & became an avid fan as she felt and visibly saw the positive changes in herself!
In 2013 Joanne completed her barre certification and has been busy spreading her passion ever since.
Joanne has made it her mission to motivate, challenge & guide people to find the best version of themselves.  Originally from the UK, she came to the US in ’91 has lived in FL,CA, PA & now resides on the shoreline since 2013.
Joanne practiced ballet as a young girl & has tried EVERY form of exercise – “I love exercise!!! But barre tapped into something else that I hope everyone finds – it’s my happy place!”

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