Shelley Kapitulik

Pilates, Pound

When a job change allowed Shelley Kapitulik to escape the daily grind of commuting to New York City on Metro North and work from home, she began to spend her reclaimed free time working out more. When aggravated knees forced her to reduce the intensity of workouts, Shelley, who had already been practicing both Pilates mat and reformer for a number of years, began to increase her frequency of participating in classes at area gyms.

Shelley’s enthusiasm and love for the method inspired her to teach; she earned her Advanced Mat Certification to teach in the classical style through Power Pilates, helping people at all levels of physical fitness develop core strength and flexibility, and improve overall health. With more than six years of teaching experience, Shelley is also a certified Pound instructor.

In addition to teaching part-time, Shelley is a freelance publicist, specializing in media, health and wellness, and lifestyle clients.

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