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The Tower

The tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments—a roll-down bar, arm springs, leg springs, a and pull-through (or push-through) bar—to provide a full body workout. Think of the Tower as a series of simple machines using resistance in the springs that provide an extra challenge to your core.

Pilates Tower/Reformer

Pilates Tower/Reformer








The Reformer

A reformer is piece of equipment that consists of a platform that moves along a carriage track. Resistance is produced by the exerciser’s body weight and by springs that connect the platform to the carriage. During a reformer class, an instructor will tell students to add or remove springs based on the exercise they’re about to perform. You’ll use more springs for leg moves and fewer for abs and arms, generally. If the springs are really light, the carriage won’t come back on its own. So you have to use the low abdominals to pull yourself in for instance.

Reformers are used so that you can safely align the body. When you’re lying down on the carriage, the shoulder blocks pull your shoulders away from your ears, open up the spine, and show you where your physical imbalances are. What this machine does is it elongates the body and the musculature in a really safe way—you’re uniformly working the body without danger to the joints. It makes you really lean. It doesn’t bulk you up. That’s why the reformer is so awesome.

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