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We built Fitness on the Water as a community to inspire individuals to feel their best by creating balance of mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach to improve overall wellness is the foundation of everything we offer,” explained Founder/Owner Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC. “Count on us to provide a schedule of motivating fitness classes, educational workshops and personal training to achieve individual health goals in a space that is comforting, challenging & non-intimidating.” 

The award-winning Pilates Studio by Fitness on the Water-Water’s Edge Resort:   Brand new, fully equipped studio featuring 9 luxury tower/reformers, barrels, foot corrector, Pilates chair and now featuring the Premier Cadillac for the ultimate Pilates experience!


Pilates Tower and Reformer Classes – 9 people in the class – a great way to receive individualized attention and enjoy the camaraderie of others participating in this wonderful wellness experience together. Privates, Duet & Triple sessions available with the shoreline’s most experienced, highly sought-after instructors!












The Tower

The tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments—a roll-down bar, arm springs, leg springs, a and pull-through (or push-through) bar—to provide a full body workout. Think of the Tower as a series of simple machines using resistance in the springs that provide an extra challenge to your core.

The Reformer

A reformer is piece of equipment that consists of a platform that moves along a carriage track. Resistance is produced by the exerciser’s body weight and by springs that connect the platform to the carriage. During a reformer class, an instructor will tell students to add or remove springs based on the exercise they’re about to perform. You’ll use more springs for leg moves and fewer for abs and arms, generally. If the springs are really light, the carriage won’t come back on its own. So you have to use the low abdominals to pull yourself in for instance.

Reformers are used so that you can safely align the body. When you’re lying down on the carriage, the shoulder blocks pull your shoulders away from your ears, open up the spine, and show you where your physical imbalances are. What this machine does is it elongates the body and the musculature in a really safe way—you’re uniformly working the body without danger to the joints. It makes you really lean. It doesn’t bulk you up. That’s why the reformer is so awesome.

Pilates Reformer with Jump Board

Want to get more of an aerobic workout with your Pilates practice? Try jumpboard interval training on Pilates reformer! This dynamic class combines the strengthening benefits of traditional Pilates with cardio intervals on the jumpboard. The jumpboard is a padded plate that replaces the foot bar on the reformer and provides an excellent and non-weight bearing method to increase heart rate and burn some serious calories. This class not only targets all the different leg muscles and core abdominals while jumping, but also increases spinal stability, arm and back strength and ends with a full body stretch series.

*Reformer experience required.

The Cadillac

As one Pilates practitioner testified, “Only good things happen on the Cadillac.” For most practitioners and Pilates instructors, the Cadillac is their favorite Pilates apparatus. Whether you are sitting, standing, kneeling, lying or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat and trapeze of the Cadillac can always be utilized creating the most diverse and intelligent Pilates experience. Whether it’s used for a portion of a session or an entire hour the Cadillac is perfect for all clients and users from those needing rehabilitation of an injury to those needing a challenging advanced level repertoire.”

Classical Pilates Mat

This class follows the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates’ classical repertoire. All of the exercises will be taught on the mat, sometimes a light hand weight may be used for deeper upper body work. Emphasis will be on complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit. Proper repetition of the fundamental exercises will help the participants to find a natural rhythm throughout the class. Simple, clear instruction will help guide the clients through the Pilates process for a complete body workout that will leave you feeling refreshed. Hillary’s approach to Pilates is classical, systematic and integrative. Long term goals are to create better posture, strength, stamina, flexibility and to achieve an overall feeling of wellness.

Pilates Mat with Props

This group class is led by a certified instructor and is ideal for beginners to advanced students. The class incorporates all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement and flexibility. It is low-impact and done on the floor.

The mat floor exercises are also combined with other props such as weights, balls, therabands, rings, and Barre.

The instructor gives participants hands-on attention and makes appropriate modifications for each student’s ability.

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion is a Pilates based workout focusing on core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning fused with a perfect mix of cardio and body sculpting exercises designed to make you sweat.   Pilates is a time proven modality of exercise that is known for creating long and lean muscles, while at the same time helping with postural alignment, flexibility, range of motion and core strength.  Taught in a “meet-you-where-you-are” format, this class is truly fabulous for any body!

Pi Yo

Sweat, stretch and strengthen, all in one workout! Flow through low-impact, high intensity sequences of Pilates and yoga inspired movements.  You will leave feeling energized and empowered.


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