Hypnosis for Health

Hypnosis for Health

The mind has two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious part holds our temporary memory such as our will power, logic, and rational thinking. Our subconscious mind is our permanent memory that controls our emotions, habits, and instincts. Also, between the two is our critical faculty or our intuition/voice that speaks to us. During hypnosis, a person is put into an alpha state or dreamy state where the critical voice can be bypassed, allowing results to occur. This state allows the body to relax, and the mind to focus intently on the words from the hypnotherapist. The more the body is relaxed, the more the mind is open to receiving suggestions.

Today, hypnosis is an alternative method to successfully treat many types of concerns and help to control phobias, lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress, reduce pain, regain lost memory, manage sleep disorders and more.

Fitness on the Water would like to introduce hypnotherapist Betty Hamilton:

Betty Hamilton BSN, MA, CCH / Hypnosis, Reiki

Betty Hamilton is a registered nurse, has her Master of Arts in Experiential Health and Healing and is a certified hypnotherapist. Betty has spent 40 years as a registered nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital. She became interested in complementary healing while getting a master’s degree in Experiential Health and... Read Full Bio

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